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Because we know the importance your preference, allow us to offer you this channel to express us your comments and suggestions about your experience with us. Also feel free to consult about the services that are available to you.
At Hotel Tropic Inn, we offer you comfortable rooms with the most unique tropical style in the area. You will remember those special events in your life, in our beautiful facilities or organize events in our convention center, which also provides you with 4 floors of parking and one floor dedicated exclusively to conduct their conventions. Always stay connected with our free WiFi is available throughout the hotel or from our business center, discreet and comfortable so you can make your business or personal activities.
Live experience to another level in our Bar O2O3 located five floors up, sipping delicious cocktails and drinks prepared by our professional bartenders, plus enjoy delicious dishes to make it an even better relaxed and enjoyable time. Among friends enjoying a unique and exclusive atmosphere in the city of San Miguel.
Take a rest and visit us at our beach hotel Tropiclub located in "el cuco" beach enjoying and creating new experiences with the spectacle that nature gives us. Enjoy our green area, pool and sample unique dishes at our ranch.
With the quality of service that we offer, we are a company whose main objective is your satisfaction, our customer, in every sense of the word, so we have adequate every area of our facilities so that you feel at home, welcoming you with the warmth and dedication that characterizes our staff, in addition to efficiency and effectiveness that you deserve.
Please consider that the waiting time to respond to your messages or emails will depend on the time in which it was sent and received in our office, so we ask for understanding and patience as we proceed to answer all of your questions and requests.